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Dilong DFM1504A horizontal directional drilling rig shines brilliantly at the 2012 Shanghai trenchless exhibition

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Shanghai international trenchless exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai pudong new international expo center. Jiangsu dilong, as a horizontal directional drilling rig manufacturer in the trenchless industry, came to the exhibition with a split-type horizontal directional drilling rig to show the products and technologies of dilong in the micro-drilling market.

For a long time, what has been around the vast number of trenchless engineering construction side is the narrow construction environment, the large drill can not enter, the construction can not be launched, such as the community and all kinds of tunnels. As a responsible manufacturer serving our customers, we are committed to solving customers' difficulties and continuously developing and manufacturing drilling RIGS suitable for customers. Ground dragon DFM1504A is a product designed and developed for the narrow construction environment. It is small in size, powerful in power, and adopts the split structure design. The main engine is connected to the power station through a hose, so that the main engine can easily enter the area that cannot be entered by a large drilling machine. In this exhibition, DFM1504A is well received by customers, which not only solves their practical difficulties, but also attracts people with its low cost.

Jiangsu dilong will always be committed to the development of horizontal directional drilling machine to meet the needs of customers, and strive for the prosperity of the whole non-excavation industry.















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