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Talent strategy

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Jiangsu dilong heavy machinery co., ltd. always adheres to the people-oriented employment concept, abides by relevant laws and regulations, respects and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, builds a good growth platform for employees at all levels, and promotes the common progress and comprehensive development of employees and enterprises.
Nanjing dilong non-excavation engineering technology co., ltd. has comprehensively implemented economic added value and performance appraisal for all employees, standardized performance planning, assessment and improvement procedures, and formed a standardized and unified performance appraisal system covering senior and middle-level managers, technicians and operators. We will continue to give preferential treatment to front-line and key cadres at the grass-roots level, and steadily increase subsidies for technical skills, night shifts and other positions. A unified and standardized enterprise annuity management system has been preliminarily established.
In line with the attitude of being responsible for employees' career, adhering to the principles of democracy, openness, competition and merit-based selection, we select, evaluate and hire all kinds of outstanding talents from both inside and outside to provide talent guarantee and intellectual support for the company's business development. At the same time, based on business development needs, to carry out overseas high-level talent introduction needs survey.
The company continues to promote management, professional technology, operation skills, international talent team construction. In accordance with the principle of "hierarchical management", key training programs are promoted and professional training programs are standardized to ensure the realization of training objectives for all staff. Organize training programs covering business administration, engineering construction and other fields, and train senior and middle-level management personnel, senior professional and technical personnel, senior technicians, technicians and other employees.
In order to meet the needs of talents for the expanding international business, the company focuses on strengthening the management and development of human resources for overseas business, actively promoting the localization of employees and the diversity of talents, and creating a working atmosphere of communication, coordination and harmony.

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