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Even if our cause is insignificant, we sho-uld respond with persistent interest an-d enthusiasm, because in the changing years, the cause is our eternal wealth.

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Jiangsu dilong adhere to the "integrit-y, focus, pragmatic" spirit of enterpri-se, and non-mining colleagues from all walks of life to create a better tom-orrow.

   Jiangsu dilong heavy machinery co., ltd. is one of the professional companies engaged in trenchless tech-nology research, development and product manufacturing in China. Since 1996, the company began to stu-dy the application of trenchless technology, and was formally registered in 1998. It is a member of internat-ional association of trenchless technology (ISTT) and China association of trenchless technology (CSTT). The company now has total assets of more than 40 million yuan, a total of 300 employees, has more than 10 domestic trenchless equipment research and trenchless technology experts. The production base of trenchless drilling machine is located in lishui economic development zone, nanjing, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It has three modern production workshops, namely parts processing, structure welding and rig assembly, with an annual design and production capacity of 400 sets.

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