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Can cast iron pipes still do this? (DL660S successfully crossed the PI river main trunk channel)

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This project is the river bottom crossing project of DN600 ductile iron pipe of the p.i river main trunk canal of yingbin avenue of lu 'an city. It is the main pipe network of the water supply from dong cheng water supply co., LTD of lu 'an city to the north area.

The project adopts ductile iron pipes imported from France. The horizontal directional drilling rig DL660S is adopted in the project.

The pipeline passes through the main channel of the p.i river with a net width of 104 meters, and the horizontal directional drilling pipeline is installed for a total length of 336 meters. The surface drilling type is adopted. The drill rig is mounted in the north, and the pipeline is dragged in from the south to the north. The lowest place is 7 meters below the bottom of the riverbed. The trenchless reaming is of nine stages and the final pore diameter is 1100mm. Injection chemical cavitation mud was used for hole protection, then hole cleaning, pipeline dragging, in strict accordance with the relevant engineering specifications, and finally completed the crossing smoothly.

Ductile iron pipe has become an important part of underground water supply and drainage pipeline because of its excellent performance of pressure resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and earthquake resistance. But at the same time, because the connection of cast iron pipe is mainly fixed by clamps, this special structure has higher requirements on construction machinery, construction technology and pipe materials for trenchless construction. (at present, ductile iron pipes are mainly embedded)

The liuan DN600 ductile iron pipe through the PI river main trunk project, the construction party after a comprehensive evaluation, the final choice of DL660S horizontal directional drilling rig, and successfully completed the crossing. The project has fully verified the feasibility of non-excavation construction of ductile iron pipe and the high performance and reliability of earthworm series non-excavation horizontal directional drilling machine.

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