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DL80 small horizontal directional drilling rig glory on the market

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With the continuous development of urbanization in China, the construction of underground pipe network within the city has been paid more and more attention by the government. Downtown at the same time we must recognize that the mainland under all kinds of pipeline is complex, the traditional large horizontal directional drilling and because of its large volume, many related construction and supporting equipment, in the narrow space of the city is hard to put to good use, users are in urgent need of a flexible, reliable performance, small drill, to facilitate the rapid expansion in the urban area construction.
In view of the current embarrassing situation of the trenchless industry, the ground dragon heavy machinery has long recognized this problem, before the launch of the split tunnel machine DFM1504 to solve the practical construction difficulties of many users in the industry. Now, on the basis of the tunnel machine, we have successfully developed a crawler type small horizontal directional drilling rig DL80, which greatly improves its push-pull and various performance. Because of its own crawler walking device, it can move quickly during the construction transition to meet the construction requirements of users for rapid deployment, rapid construction and rapid transition.
DL80 has passed our stringent tests, and its performance indicators have met or exceeded the design requirements. Now it has been successfully marketed and sold. DL80 has many innovative technologies and innovative elements, welcome the vast number of non-mining industry users call consultation. Contact number: 400-6655-025

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