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DL1300typemonolithichorizontaldirectionaldrillingrigfortrack,themainrotaryclosedloophydraulicsystemmakethemachinehashigherworkingefficiency,264kwpowerengine,strongaircoolingsystem,evenwhenyouareinhotareascanbereliableforalongtime,theappearanceofcompactstructureandexcellentclimbingabilitymakeequipmenttransitionsandtransportationmoreconvenient,themulti-positionsteplessspeedregulatingfunctions,underdifferentoperatingmodecanmaketheefficientapplicationofdrillingrig,greatlyimprovingtheworkingefficiency,highstrengthdrillpipebracketinthegirderlateral,simpleandreliable,with2tonscrane,loadingandunloadingdrillrodisconvenient,highefficiency.Theworldfirst-classbrandPALLfilterensuresthatthehydraulicsystemisclean,whichgreatlyimprovestheservicelifeoftheoriginalparts.Reservedual-wallrockdrillingfunctioninterface. Maintechnicalparameters
Product description

DL1300 type monolithic horizontal directional drilling rig for track, the main rotary closed loop hydraulic system make the machine has higher working efficiency, 264 kw power engine, strong air cooling system, even when you are in hot areas can be reliable for a long time, the appearance of compact structure and excellent climbing ability make equipment transitions and transportation more convenient, the multi-position stepless speed regulating functions, under different operating mode can make the efficient application of drilling rig, greatly improving the working efficiency, high strength drill pipe bracket in the girder lateral, simple and reliable, with 2 tons crane, loading and unloading drill rod is convenient, high efficiency. The world first-class brand PALL filter ensures that the hydraulic system is clean, which greatly improves the service life of the original parts. Reserve dual - wall rock drilling function interface.


Main technical parameters


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