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Product Details: Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: DILONG Model Number: GL700
Product description

Detailed Product Description

Trenchless Boring Tool Guidance System Auxiliary Judgment Track Position And Direction Of The Drill Bit



The GL700 guidance instrument system is a guidance instrument used to assist operators in determining and tracking the position and direction of underground drill bits of the trenchless horizontal directional drilling machine. The GL700 guidance instrument system includes a receiver, a remote display and a probe. The probe in the probe chamber sends the dip Angle of the drill bit, the terminal position, the measurement signal, the temperature of the probe and the status of the probe battery to the receiver on the ground through RF radio frequency signals in a frequency modulation mode. The receiver on the ground helps the user determine the position and state of the probe by receiving digital signals from the probe.

The operator of the horizontal directional drill can see the information of the probe in time and thus control the drilling direction of the drill bit. GL700 guidance instrument system USES more advanced FM transmitting and receiving methods than conventional guidance instrument system, so it has stronger anti-interference ability.

The GL700 pilot system provides data channels for four channels that do not require a radio licence. Receiver and remote display can easily "recognize" each other, thus avoiding interference with other nearby users.

This user manual is intended to provide GL700 guidance instrument SYSTEM users with relevant information so that users can correctly use gl-system-515 guidance instrument SYSTEM.


Use the pilot system safely

♦ ensure guidance instrument system working properly.

♦ ensure the horizontal directional drilling in the directional hole, along with all of the underground facilities is marked. Such as power lines, telephone lines, television cables, optical conductors, underground water pipelines and gas pipelines. If not accurately identified, underground facilities should be exposed.

♦ prohibited in the vicinity of flammable, explosive boot or use guidance instrument system. Ensure safety glasses, helmet and insulated shoes are used.



♦ horizontal directional drilling machine to drill to the power lines buried underground, may cause serious human injury, life and property loss.

♦ horizontal directional drilling machine to drill into the underground gas pipes may cause serious body injury, life insurance and property losses.

♦ horizontal directional drilling machine to drill to depths of telephone line, TV cable, optical and underground water pipe can cause serious damage to property.

♦ do not boot near flammable, explosive or use guidance instrument system.

♦ when using orientation instrument system, proper use of safety glasses, safety helmet, please and insulated shoes.

♦ orientation instrument system is an auxiliary tool, it helps the user to determine the location of the bit. The user (not the pilot system) is responsible for locating the drill bit.

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