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DL450C cylinder direct drive drilling rig wuhan 800PE pipe tugs successfully



DL450C cylinder direct drive drilling machine (45 tons)

Construction site


Distance across (m)


Construction pipe diameter (mm)

800 PE pipe

Geologic structure

Sand bed

Duration (days)


Project introduction

Water pipe


Push and pull system: DL450C's push and pull system adopts the patented technology of floor dragon-heavy machine -- multi-stage double-output rod cylinder direct drive mechanism (cylinder direct drive), and the push and pull force reaches an amazing 450KN, which greatly improves the drilling rig's ability to start the pipe from rest to movement and its actual dragging ability.

Rotation system: DL450C adopts closed hydraulic system for the rotation system, and the torque reaches 18000Nm. The adoption of low-speed and high-torque motor of pokland greatly improves the working efficiency and service life of the rotation system of the drilling rig.

Grouting system: DL450C standard 450L/min mud pump, enough to meet the needs of conventional engineering construction, but also reserved the ability to drive a larger 600L/min mud pump, in order to meet the construction needs of customers in special working conditions.