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Ground dragon DFM1504 successfully expanded back 500mm aperture

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The domestic micro horizontal directional drilling rig DFM1504 produced by our company has been deeply loved by customers in the industry. The drilling machine with compact shape structure design and optimized hydraulic system configuration, by domestic and foreign customers welcome. Its compact exterior structure not only meets the construction requirements of users in a narrow space, but also facilitates long-distance transportation and saves transportation costs.
With the continuous advance of urbanization in China, the construction of underground pipe network unsuitable for large drilling RIGS in cities and residential communities will be paid more and more attention. This type of drilling rig has become an indispensable trenchless construction tool for users in the industry.
In order to show the construction ability of this type of drilling machine to the majority of customers, we prepared a 500mm reaming head and succeeded in reaming back.


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