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"Dilong" professional customized special equipment has been successfully delivered to customers

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As the manufacturer of trenchless horizontal directional drilling RIGS in the industry -- dilong, we have been committed to solving any difficulties encountered in the construction for our customers. We have professional technical team in the industry, perfect production equipment, strict quality control, we according to the customer's engineering construction requirements, customized design scheme for customers, to meet the use of customers for the purpose of service, dedicated to customer service.
In this hot summer, after the careful construction of our team, another specialized customized "dilong" brand special equipment successfully left the factory and delivered to the customer. Since this year, we have successfully customized several drilling RIGS of this type for customers, and performed excellently in the engineering use of customers, winning unanimous praise from customers.
After leaving the factory, this type of drilling machine will go to the construction site directly and be put into engineering construction to solve the construction problems of customers.












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