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Maintenance of drilling RIGS

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1. Keep the surface of the drilling machine clean, remove mud, dirt and other sundries at any time, and keep the sliding track clean.
2. Always pay attention to monitor the temperature change of the rig parts, bearing parts of the power head, gear box should not be higher than the temperature of 60 ℃, the temperature of the hydraulic system of medium oil tank should not be higher than 80 ℃, otherwise should stop check and eliminate the causes of overheating.
3. Listen to the running sound of each action piece at any time. If there is abnormal abnormal sound such as violent vibration, knocking sound and screaming, stop the machine immediately to check and deal with it. If there is leakage of oil in each sealing place, stop the machine in time to deal with it.
4. Lubricate according to lubrication requirements.
5. All fasteners should always be firm and reliable, and no looseness is allowed.
6. The maintenance of diesel engine should refer to its operation manual.
7. Replace oil filter element and hydraulic oil regularly as required.
8. Pay attention to the change of hydraulic oil level, when the hydraulic oil is lower than 2/3 of the liquid level meter should be timely replenishment.

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