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Drill pipe maintenance instructions

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Nine tips to extend the life of your drill pipe
1. When using a new drill pipe, it is necessary to make sure that the thread buckle of the bit's front section (the protection shaft head) is also new. A bit with a bad thread may easily damage the thread buckle of the new drill pipe, causing water leakage, clamping and loosening
2. When drilling for the first time with the drill pipe, "grind the new buckle" first, which includes first applying the thread buckle oil, then fully tightening with the drill pipe, then opening the buckle, then applying the thread buckle oil and then opening it. This method can be repeated three times to avoid new rod wear and buckle.
3. As far as possible, keep the drill pipe straight under the ground and above the ground. This can avoid part of the wire buckle side force and cause unnecessary wear, or even jump buckle.
4. Tighten the buckle slowly to reduce overheating and wear.
5. Every time the fastener is fastened with full torque force, and always pay attention to whether the clamping piece is in good condition.
6. Shorten the distance between the drill rig and the ground entrance, because if the drill pipe lacks support, it will be easy to bend and deform when the drill pipe is pushed forward, resulting in short service life.
7. Keep the inlet Angle as small as possible, and slowly change the Angle according to the drill pipe safety requirements.
8. Do not exceed the maximum bending radius of the drill pipe, especially pay attention to the horizontal section when drilling and the Angle change when drilling.
9. Keep rotating the drill pipe, avoid fixed drilling pipe guide and pull back, must take turns, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear and break the rod.

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