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Track chassis use and maintenance

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1. All the walking wheels are lubricants for one-time refueling, which do not need refueling and maintenance at ordinary times, but the planetary gear box of the walking reducer should be checked once after working for one year. Drain hole (cover the outer end face) turn to the lowest position and loosen the screw block. If you find that the lubricating oil pollution is serious, you should change the oil in time.
2. The tightness of crawler shall be checked after completion of each project. Inspection standard: lift the chassis off the ground with the front anchor plate of the mast and the rear supporting leg, and keep the middle tread of the lower crawler in the outer edge of the supporting wheel. If it is too loose, the side square cover of the walking frame can be opened, and the anti-slip block can be removed for tightening. After reaching the requirements, the clamp block can be installed, the anti-loose bolt can be tightened, and the cover plate can be covered. When replacing the new track, the tightening screw should be adjusted to the innermost position of the guide wheel for easy replacement.
3. In the use of rubber crawler, it should be avoided to start or turn quickly on the sharp protruding stones, avoid contact with oil on the rubber surface, and wipe off immediately once there is oil.

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