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Use of hydraulic oil and matters needing attention

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(1) hydraulic oil is the power of the whole machine blood, hydraulic oil directly affects the efficiency and stability of the entire hydraulic system and the life of each hydraulic components. Therefore, you must ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. Considering the harsh working environment of drilling RIGS, it is necessary to pay more attention to the cleanliness of oil at all times.
(2) when changing the hydraulic oil, make sure to thoroughly clean the oil tank and replace all the filter elements.
(3) it is recommended to use no. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil between 10c and 40c; It is better to use no. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil under 10 degrees; Below minus 10 degrees it is best to use no. 32 low setting hydraulic oil. To ensure the safety and service life of hydraulic components, please refer to this section.

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