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Drilling operation notes

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1. Connect the guide bit with the drill pipe and the power head, and confirm that the water nozzle of the drill bit and the water channel of the drilling machine are free from leakage before drilling construction.
2. Align the upper and lower joints of the drill pipe, and slowly turn the upper button while slowly feeding the power head. Do not screw it too tight. Clean the thread buckle and apply the oil before fastening.
3. The drilling speed should not be too fast, and the drilling speed should be selected reasonably according to the formation conditions.
4. Use alkaline battery for the probe rod. Never reuse the battery after it has been used once.
5. When building oblique jacking, it is better to control the jacking amount at about 1m each time and slow the curve.
6. When the oil pressure of diesel engine is abnormal, stop the machine to check (see its operating instructions).
7. When the displacement of the mud pump is changed, speed shift is not allowed.
8. Confirm that the operating handle of the drilling machine is back to the middle position and the diesel engine is idle before stopping.

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