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Regular maintenance of drilling RIGS

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Every 50 hours of work
1. Check the air filter of diesel engine and clean it as required. Tighten the air filter pressure cover;
2, diesel oil and water separator drainage;
3. Rotating parts of the lubricating clamp;
150 hours per hour
1. Replace engine oil and filter (initially 50 small and thereafter every 150 hours);
2, pump piston inspection;
3. Check whether there is leakage in all inlet and outlet water (oil) pipes and joints;
4, power head water seal demolition inspection;
5. Check whether the flange part of the power head is loose;
6, check the power head flange shaft core, variable diameter wear;
7. Check the height of power head skateboard;
8. Viscous coupling disassembly and lubrication
250 hours per hour
1. Check the fan belt;
2. Check engine cooling system;
3. Check all fixed nuts of the engine;
4. Check all wiring nuts of the circuit;
5. Check the pressure and atomization of the injector, and clean it;
6, check the engine charging system, battery indicator display color;
7. Clean the hydraulic oil filter;
8. Check the oil level of hydraulic oil;
9. Check the seals of oil pump and valve parts in the operating box;
10. Inspection and inspection of drilling tools
500 hours per hour
1. Oil change of pump transmission box;
2. Replace the engine fuel filter;
3. Check valve clearance;
4. Diesel pump adjustment;
5. Replace crankcase oil of the mud pump;
For every 1000 hours of work
1. Replace the air filter module;
2. Replace the cooling water;
3. Replace the hydraulic oil;
4. Check all bearings of the equipment;

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