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Daily inspection and maintenance of drilling RIGS

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Routine inspection before starting up
1. Check the diesel fan driving belt;
2. Check the cooling water level and whether the cooling system leaks or freezes;
3. Check fuel tank oil level;
4. Check oil level;
5. Check the hydraulic oil level;
6. Check whether the power switch is disconnected;
7. Check the battery charge status indicator on the top cover of the battery. When the indicator is green, the battery can be used normally; When the indicator shows black, the battery should be charged in time; When the indicator shows white, the battery should be replaced immediately.
1. Inspect machinery and tools, common accessories and safety warning signs (tools) required for construction;
2. Confirm that the maintenance project has been completed;
3. Routine inspection before starting up;
4. Machine test;
5. Sign out;
During the period of construction
1. Routine inspection before starting up;
2. Check whether the oil pipe and water pipe are fully and firmly connected;
3. Check whether the control valves are back in position;
4. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and install the oil pipe or start the oil pipe before it is connected and the valve position is not returned;
5. If the equipment is connected to the drill pipe, the personnel nearby the drill pipe must be reminded to avoid giving way;
6. Start the diesel engine to preheat for 10-30 minutes (according to the specific environmental temperature);
7. Clean and lubricate the guide rail of drilling machine;
8, where the thread buckle, pin shaft connection, rotation parts should be cleaned and coated with thread buckle oil or butter;
9. The operation of the equipment shall be carried out by designated personnel, and the equipment operation procedures shall be strictly observed;
10, diesel engine stop, should be timely disconnect the solenoid valve power;
11, winter construction should consider the water, mud system antifreeze problem;
12. Check whether the drill pipe waterway is unblocked;
13. During the operation of the drilling machine, the jacking, rotation, mud pressure gauge and diesel engine charging, water temperature and oil temperature meter should be regularly checked;
14, should be timely check the drill tool wire buckle parts, drill specific whether there is serious wear and tear, hair drawing, end surface defects, serious deformation, if there should be timely mark, repair treatment, serious should do scrap disposal, is prohibited to use again;
15. Before using the viscous coupling, check whether the rotating part is flexible and lubricated, and whether the coupling part is damaged; otherwise, apply the spares;
16. Viscous coupling shall be disassembled for overhaul after heavy load;
17. After the instrument is used up, the surface should be cleaned, and the battery should not be withdrawn for a long time;
18. When the signal bar is used up, remove it from the drill bit in time, exit the battery and clean up the surface;
19. After using the interphone, clean the surface, check the power, and charge it in time for the next reuse;
20, instruments, interphone use in rainy days, should do waterproof treatment, after use should be kept by a special person;
21. Each time the equipment starts up and runs, it shall make a running record;
22. During the construction period, the normal period of equipment maintenance should be carefully completed.
Construction withdrawal and clearance period
1. Timely clean up the drill rig, drill tool, power head, and tubing interface for protective treatment;
2. Timely cleaning mud;
3. Make inventory and receive and guarantee;
4, temporarily do not enter the construction, should do oil maintenance, sealing, warehousing treatment;
5. Timely sort out all records, and submit the application for equipment repair and spare parts supplement as soon as possible.
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