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June - take you to feel the fiery dragon!

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In June, jiangsu dilong delivery ushered in a wave of climax again, the market sales situation is good, a rolling stock truck in jiangsu dilong delivery site come and go lively, this scene, for jiangsu dilong production and sales again add a heavy color.


6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热!


Orderly loading and delivery

Ensure that every customer can receive satisfactory equipment as scheduled


6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热!


The above picture only represents part of the shipment in June


6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热! 6月-带你感受地龙的火热!


For products, we pursue details, perfection and perfection. For service, "think together from the perspective of customers" is the service concept we have been adhering to. Jiangsu dilong do not forget the original heart, in the same industry has been the pursuit of quality and market service to the extreme, adhere to the "professional, focused, focused" spirit of enterprise, explains the innovation and development of jiangsu dilong, make a batch of equipment to make users satisfied.

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