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Ground dragon DL450B "cylinder direct drive push-pull" drill has been successfully launched into the market

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At the present stage, the push-pull system driven by horizontal directional drilling machine without excavation mainly adopts two design schemes of cylinder chain and motor pinion and rack, while the push-pull system driven by cylinder chain has been welcomed by users in the industry due to its mature technology, high reliability and low maintenance cost.
But USES the traditional cylinder chain drive to push and pull the way, because the cylinder itself structure characteristic, decided its top force and the pull force are not equal the reality condition. As a manufacturer focusing on innovation in the trenchless industry, earthlong has been committed to the research of new cylinder application technology. After r & d innovation of the technical department of the company, DL450B, which adopts the new type of cylinder drive push-pull system, has been successfully developed and marketed.
DL450B adopts the "cylinder direct drive push-pull system", which belongs to the innovation of earthworm patent. Its function upgrade mainly includes the following points:
1. Improved the structural design of the traditional oil cylinder, so that the thrust of this new drilling machine reaches the tension level, and ensures that users can cope with it calmly in the process of using the drilling machine.
2. This design scheme eliminates the chain structure and adopts the way of the cylinder directly driving the power head to avoid the loss of power, which greatly improves the push and pull speed of the power head and improves the efficiency of the customer's engineering construction.
3. The structural design of "cylinder direct drive push-pull system", because of its simple structure, high reliability, effectively reduces the user's later maintenance and use costs.




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