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Recruitment information

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I. sales engineer
Position summary: responsible for achieving established sales targets, developing potential customers and tracking, visiting and establishing and maintaining good customer relationships.
Main responsibilities:
1. Achieve sales targets for target customer groups
2. Responsible for the sales link in the process of project progress, coordinate the technical support, production, logistics and after-sales service links, and maintain good customer relations
3. Develop potential customers and maintain existing new and old customers
4. Collect and provide first-hand market information
1. College degree or above, majored in mechanical design and manufacturing.
2. Good organization, negotiation and presentation skills
3. Take initiative and pursue goals; Quick thinking, love marketing, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have professional dedication, strong sense of responsibility
4. At least 2 years sales experience in construction machinery or related large machinery.
5. Be able to travel frequently.
Salary: basic salary + commission + team performance bonus
Hydraulic engineer
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in hydraulic machinery design and manufacturing.
2. More than 2 years' working experience in hydraulic transmission, pneumatic, construction machinery and other related fields, with strong design and development ability.
3. Familiar with hydraulic and mechanical product design procedures and basic technical elements and processes, capable of carrying out corresponding force analysis and strength check.
4. Proficient in basic knowledge and skills of product design, mechanical drawing standards and presentation methods, selection and labeling of tolerance coordination
5. Proficient in AUTOCAD, Solidworks, Pro/e...
Technical support supervisor before and after sales
1. Improve the national after-sales service network according to the company's requirements for the construction of after-sales service network system;
2. Standardize and supervise the specific business operations of various after-sales service centers to improve their service capabilities;
3. Responsible for technical support, training and guidance for after-sales service center, management and supervision of maintenance personnel of after-sales service center;
4. Regularly assess and optimize the after-sales service center;
5. Master the use of spare parts in various after-sales service outlets, and assist service maintenance personnel to determine the ordering and inventory management of spare parts;
6. Responsible for coordinating and solving the complaints of differences between the after-sales service center and customers due to the understanding of after-sales service policies and the solutions of defective products
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical and electrical major, good basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical;
2. More than three years of working experience in after-sales service and after-sales service network construction;
3. Good after-sales service concept, service awareness and skills;
4. Good communication and coordination skills;
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and work carefully;
6. Have maintenance experience background, mechanical industry maintenance experience is preferred;
7. Factory resident is preferred during working days.
Location: no. 19 tuanshan road, lishui economic development zone (shuttle bus picks up employees living in nanjing every day)
Technical r&d manager/supervisor
1. Mainly responsible for the design and development of drilling RIGS
2. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the company's new technology introduction and product development to ensure that the technology is advanced and competitive;
3. Responsible for guiding, handling, coordinating and solving technical problems in the company's projects; Provide technical maintenance and solution;
4. Ensure the normal progress of the project and the timely completion of the company's project plan;
5. Responsible for the review of technical solutions.
6. Presided over the overall work of the technical department, organized and supervised the technical personnel to complete all the work tasks within the scope of their responsibilities;
1. Familiar with mechanical design and research and development work, have the priority of drilling machine design and research and development work;
2. College degree or above in mechanical engineering;
3. At least 3 years relevant industry experience;
4. Independently completed the design and implementation of the core system;
5. Good at communication, brave in technical innovation and innovation, team cooperation and professional dedication; Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;
6. Stay in the factory during working days.
Company location: no. 19, tuanshan road, lishui economic development zone
Contact number: 02585663631

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