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Technical r&d manager/supervisor

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1. Mainly responsible for the design and development of drilling RIGS

2. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the company's new technology introduction and product development to ensure that the technology is advanced and competitive;

3. Responsible for guiding, handling, coordinating and solving technical problems in the company's projects; Provide technical maintenance and solution;

4. Ensure the normal progress of the project and the timely completion of the company's project plan;

5. Responsible for the review of technical solutions.

6. Presided over the overall work of the technical department, organized and supervised the technical personnel to complete all the work tasks within the scope of their responsibilities;


1. Familiar with mechanical design and research and development work, have the priority of drilling machine design and research and development work;

2. College degree or above in mechanical engineering;

3. At least 3 years relevant industry experience;

4. Independently completed the design and implementation of the core system;

5. Good at communication, brave in technical innovation and innovation, team cooperation and professional dedication; Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

6. Stay in the factory during working days.

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