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The former/after-sales tech support supervisor

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1. Improve the national after-sales service network according to the company's requirements for the construction of after-sales service network system;

2. Standardize and supervise the specific business operations of various after-sales service centers to improve their service capabilities;

3. Responsible for technical support, training and guidance for after-sales service center, management and supervision of maintenance personnel of after-sales service center;

4. Regularly assess and optimize the after-sales service center;

5. Master the use of spare parts in various after-sales service outlets, and assist service maintenance personnel to determine the ordering and inventory management of spare parts;

6. Responsible for coordinating and solving the complaints of differences between the after-sales service center and customers due to the understanding of after-sales service policies and the solutions of defective products

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical and electrical major, good basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical;

2. More than three years of working experience in after-sales service and after-sales service network construction;

3. Good after-sales service concept, service awareness and skills;

4. Good communication and coordination skills;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and work carefully;

6. Have maintenance experience background, mechanical industry maintenance experience is preferred;

7. Factory resident is preferred during working days.

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